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Consumer Fireworks Products

HAPPY   4th   of July  

  We will be at our old State Road 60 & Lithia Pinecrest Road location in Brandon. We are in the same lot as a taco stand but under the old gas station canopy. You can CLICK HERE for a copy of a location map. Our operational dates are:

06-28-2016 (Tuesday)


07-04-2016 (Monday - July 4th)

We want to personally thank everyone who has purchased from us in the past, we really do appreciate it.

AND REMEMBER, fireworks are dangerous and we encourage you to read and follow our Safety Tips and Guidelines. However, they can also be a lot of fun if handled correctly by a responsible adult. And please, don't drink and handle fireworks; a very bad combination.

If we don't get to see you, please have a wonderful Holiday!!!

Sincerely, Your Pyro-Partners

Sky Candy Fireworks sells a great line of consumer fireworks at some of the lowest prices on the internet. Our company does not promote the use of "gimmicks" like the infamous; buy-one, get-one free offer. Gimmicks are a way to bait and lure customers into a store/tent or force the customer to purchase more fireworks than they need by making the consumer buy two of the same item instead of one. It also reduces the variety of items that can be purchased because more money is spent on purchasing two items instead of just paying for what you wanted.

Being consumers ourselves, we make it as direct and flexible as possible for the customer. We don't force our customers to buy two items when they only want one and we offer prices comparable to wholesale so the customer does not have to purchase a case of fireworks to get a good value.

To browse our inventory, the fireworks are categorized by type.
All the product lists below, along with the
Order Form, are in PDF format.

To use any of these files, just click on them to view, download, or print.
Please Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download, is needed to view these files. Click here to download

Consumer and Retail Fireworks Displays and Products

As licensed pyrotechnicians, each of our products have been hand-picked, sampled, and virtually all of them used in our own professional shows. Although generally weaker in explosive power when compared to professional displays, advances in consumer firework chemicals and product engineering can still produce spectacular firework effects and impressive shows.

| Artillery Shells | 200g Repeaters | 500g Repeaters | Firecrackers, Rockets & Winged |
| Fountains, Roman Candles & Mines | Assortment, Novelties and Misc. |
| Order Form | Purchase Release Form | General Safety Tips |

Important Note: You must be 18 years and older to purchase fireworks,
and every purchase must be accompanied by a completed Purchase Release Form

We also strongly recommend reviewing and printing the Safety Tips which also include safe storage, shooting area safety, shooting procedures and after the shoot.

To make your purchase, just click on the Order Form link and either download or print the PDF file.
For your order, you can call or e-mail us.

Please remember to include your completed Purchase Release Form so we can process your order.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download, to view these files, click here to get it.

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Sky Candy Fireworks accepts all major credit cards for 
firworks displays and retail and consumer products
We accept all major credit cards.

To place an order:
Casey - (813) 625-3581
Casey @
Don't forget your Purchase Release Form

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