Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sky Candy Fireworks different?

The founder of Sky Candy Fireworks is a philosophical pursuit of creating great art with fireworks. And whether you hire Sky Candy Fireworks for your special event, wish to create your own firework spectacle, or you just want to enjoy a carefree evening of shooting fireworks with family and friends, we at Sky Candy Fireworks would be privileged to assist you with your fireworks needs.

Based just outside of Tampa, Florida, Sky Candy Fireworks is a pyrotechnics firm that was formed with more than just a desire to shoot off fireworks, but rather the aspiration to create great art! There are many pyrotechnic companies who can safely shoot fireworks, but like any medium, there are far fewer who enjoy the true passion of the art, who possess the vision, or who are willing to devote the time necessary to turn the average fireworks show into something much “greater”.

What is the cost for a fireworks display?

When it comes to pricing, the sky is the limit.

Pricing is dependent on many variables including length of display, location of the venue, intensity, and/or size presentation, the addition of music, and others………

Sky Candy Fireworks will take into account the venue location and type of display that you want for your event and work within your budget to create a WOW filled fireworks display to make your event a memorable success.

What is included in the cost?

Sky Candy Fireworks will create a custom quote for you that takes into account everything associated with your fireworks display. Our price always includes:

  • All required permits and licensing
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Transportation to and from the display site in accordance with DOT regulations
  • The fireworks to be used
  • Set up and firing of show
  • Securing the fireworks display area
  • Display tear down
  • On-site clean up after the show
  • Conformance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPT Standard 1123 and 1126).


What is the minimum amount of outdoor space needed for a fireworks display?

Sky Candy Fireworks recommends an absolute minimum 200-foot radius as a safe firing zone providing adequate safety buffer and crowd distance. However, larger shows require more radius dictated by the size of the products used.

What about Permits and Safety?

Sky Candy Fireworks takes care of securing all the required federal, state or local permits.

We also consult with the local fire authority in addition to other regulatory agencies if necessary including marine patrol and coast guard for water shows.

What about Insurance?

Sky Candy Fireworks carries public liability insurance ($1,000,000 each occurrence/$2,000,000 general aggregate) to cover the operation of the fireworks display

Does Sky Candy Fireworks offer Pyromusical Displays?

Yes! Sky Candy Fireworks can produce any fireworks show with musical accompaniment with various levels of choreography. Musical shows add a special ambiance to the overall experience.

Can we request specific colors or effects?

Yes, we can coordinate with your event colors and theme!

Sky Candy Fireworks carries a large selection of shell sizes, colors, and effects that can be custom designed to match your theme.

What is your Safety Record and are you licensed?

Sky Candy Fireworks is fully licensed and insured for a variety of firework venues.

Since the companies inception in 2008, we have never had a single accident or claim.

However, our company policy strictly prohibits indoor events due to the inherent risks and control issues associated with indoor events.


What area does Sky Candy Fireworks serve?

Sky Candy Fireworks is headquartered in the Tampa, Florida area and provides fireworks display production services throughout the state of Florida.